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MoDOT Doesn't Gain from Rising Fuel Prices

Federal and state fuel sales taxes make up a large part of MoDOT's budget. Yet even though fuel prices are on the rise, MoDOT doesn't benefit. Chief Engineer Dave Nichols gets "To the Point" about how fuel sales taxes are based on a flat rate and Missouri has one of the nation's lowest. As consumers curb their fuel purchases, it could put a strain on MoDOT's ability to support the nation's seventh largest state highway system.  To the Point

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Flooding Causing Hundreds of Road Closures Across Southern Missouri

With more than 400 roads closed due to flooding - mostly in southern Missouri - it's wise to check road conditions before you travel.  MoDOT's Traveler Information Map provides up-to-date information on the latest road conditions and closings due to high water. Map

Getting There - Is It Worth Your Life?

The statistics are alarming. Nearly every three hours, a person or vehicle is hit by a train in the United States. That raises the question, getting there - is it worth your life?  Test your knowledge of rail safety by taking the Train Your Brain quiz at www.modot.orgRail Safety

MoDOT Offers Ways to Avoid Feeling Pain at the Pump

With gas prices predicted to climb to $4 a gallon, the Missouri Department of Transportation is reminding motorists of a few ways they can help ease the pain they're feeling at the pump.  Pump

Missouri Selected to Host 2012 National Work Zone Event

Missouri has been chosen from several other state nominees to host the National Work Zone Awareness Week kick-off event in 2012.  Work Zone Event

Safer Roads

Lane Departure Fatalities Decrease 40 Percent

That rumble you're hearing while driving down Missouri highways isn't your stomach - it's a rumble stripe and it's keeping more Missourians alive. Up to 100 lives a year are saved on major roads by rumble stripes and bigger, brighter signs; wider stripes; and other visibility improvements. Rumble

My Last Text

Take a look at your last three text messages.  Were any of them worth dying for?  Text

Being Green

New Transportation Management Center Open for Business

The new Transportation Management Center of the Ozarks not only will enable traffic engineers to improve traffic flow and respond quicker to incidents along major streets and highways in Springfield and along I-44 through the region, it is also designed to reduce greenhouse emissions.  TMC

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Gateway Guide Provides Live Views of St. Louis Traffic

MoDOT's new website shows nearly 300 live camera views of St. Louis traffic that are updated every couple of seconds, displays real-time information on incidents and work zones with lane closures and is mobile friendly for your smart phone or other cellular device.  Gateway Guide

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