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No MOre Trash! Bash

Don Hillis, MoDOT's System Management director, gets "To the Point" about how volunteers are doing a little spring cleaning along Missouri roadways and streams through the No MOre Trash Bash, an annual event sponsored each April by MoDOT and the Missouri Department of Conservation. To the Point

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Missouri Will Pursue Nearly $1 Billion in Funding for Rail Projects

Gov. Jay Nixon announced March 29 that the state of Missouri will apply for nearly $1 billion in newly available federal railroad funds. The application will include a two-phase proposal: immediate upgrades to improve speeds and schedule reliability along existing rail lines between St. Louis and Kansas City; and longer-term design, engineering and preparation for construction of a separate, dedicated high-speed line between the two cities.  Rail Projects

Missouri River Bridge Bike/Ped Attachment Now Open

A pedestrian/bicycle attachment on the U.S. 54 eastbound/U.S. 63 northbound Missouri River Bridge in Jefferson City opened April 8.  The attachment will make travel across the bridge safer for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians, as well as enhance tourism in Missouri's capital city and along the Katy Trail. Attachment

Safer Roads

Barrel Bob is New Spokesperson for Work Zone Safety

Standing at an impressive 11 feet tall and made from recycled orange and white barrels, Barrel Bob is the new spokesperson for work zone awareness. Barrel Bob

Roadside Review

Take the Trash Challenge

Staff from the Missouri departments of Conservation and Transportation stumped St. Louis' Fox 2's Tim Ezell when they showed him different kinds of trash and asked him to guess how long it takes for each item to break down.  Watch a video of the segment and see how well you do.  Video

Have you seen this

THIS Is Why You Need to Slow Down

Still thinking work zones are just something to barrel through quickly? THIS is why you need to slow down and pay attention when you see those cones, even if you miss seeing the workers behind them. Work Zones

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