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MoDOT On Track with Five-Year Direction

A year ago this month, MoDOT announced a new five-year direction to counter a steep drop in highway funding. Listen as Director Kevin Keith gets "To the Point" about how the department is doing in reaching its goal of saving millions of dollars by becoming smaller and leaner and how those savings are helping maintain and improve the state's highways.  To the Point

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A Year Later, MoDOT is Smaller, Leaner

A year ago this month, MoDOT announced it would save $203 million over the next five years by cutting costs and eliminating 400 salaried positions by June 30, 2013. Now a year into that plan, the department is on pace to meet those targets. Five-year Direction

Focus Turns from Snow to Potholes, Striping

MoDOT is keeping its fingers crossed that significant accumulations of snow and ice are behind us for the winter.  But that doesn't mean the work lets up.  MoDOT crews are now turning their attention to patching potholes and repairing roadway stripes damaged by snow plows.  Potholes

Are You A Regular?

Are you a regular visitor to MoDOT’s web site? Do you keep up with the latest transportation news and events? Now there’s a way to keep in touch with updates to MoDOT’s site without even getting on the Internet.  Regular

Off the Road News

Shipping Starts on the Missouri River

Cargo has begun being shipped on the Missouri River with expectations for the biggest shipping season in a decade. MoDOT's goal is to increase the freight moved on the river, improve connections to other transportation modes, and provide economic development opportunities along the river corridor.  Missouri River

Missouri River Runner Nearly Doubles Capacity March 12-13

As fuel prices continue to rise, so do the number of passengers on the Missouri River Runner. In fact, a heightened demand for seats caused Amtrak to add two additional coach class cars on the St. Louis to Kansas City passenger rail corridor for all trains the weekend of March 12-13.  Amtrak

Roadside Review

Missourians Preparing for No MOre Trash! Bash

Many Missourians are breathing a sigh of relief that the winter season is drawing to an end, but as the snow melts away a real eyesore is appearing - the litter that was hiding under all the picturesque snow. That's why it's a good thing April is the annual No MOre Trash! Bash so we can all get outside and clean up Missouri!  Trash


MoDOT Recognizes Innovative Researcher

University of Missouri Professor Erik Loehr is the recipient of MoDOT's 2011 Innovative Researcher Achievement Award.  The award recognizes an individual or team that produces exceptional and innovative research to advance transportation in Missouri.  Researcher

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Small Business Conference and Expo

The U.S. Department of Energy is hosting the 12th Annual Small Business Conference & Expo from May 10-12 in Kansas City, Mo. The conference provides an opportunity for small business owners, large companies and minority educational institutions to network and gain access to federal, state and local government agencies.  Conference

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