General Rules

These rules pertain to the organizational structure of the Missouri Department of Transportation.

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7CSR 10-1Organization: General Provisions - MHTC
7CSR 10-1.010PURPOSE: This rule updates the department’s organizational
structure consistent with the department’s current business
practices as required by section 536.023, RSMo. 
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7CSR 10-1.020PURPOSE: Senate Bill 1202, 91st General Assembly, 2nd Regular
Session, 2002, transferred to the commission and MoDOT all
powers, duties and functions of the Division of Motor Carrier
and Railroad Safety, including those specifically provided for
under section 622.360, RSMo, to issue subpoenas to compel the
attendance of witnesses and the production of documents and
other evidence in furtherance of investigations into alleged
unlawful activity within its jurisdiction. This rule provides the
procedure for requesting such subpoenas.
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