Design-Build Rules

Design-build is a project delivery method where one contracting team is selected to design and build a highway improvement under one contract. MoDOT provides the project goals, budget and schedule and the contractor team completes the work. This technique has been known to significantly save time and provide cost savings.

State statute gives MoDOT the opportunity to enter into design-build contracts on no more than two percent of the total number of all state highway system projects awarded to contracts for construction from projects listed in the commission’s approved statewide transportation improvement project for that state fiscal year.
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7CSR 10-24Design-Build Projects Contracts
7CSR 10-24.010PURPOSE: This rule provides definitions used throughout this chapter.Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.020PURPOSE: This rule sets forth the scope of the chapter.Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.030PURPOSE: This rule lists procedures appropriate for solicitation and
receipt of proposals, provides for oral presentations during the
procurement process and restricts team changes.
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.050PURPOSE: This rule provides for the design-build method used in
determining a project “qualified” and how it applies to Intelligent
Transportation System (ITS) projects.
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7CSR 10-24.060PURPOSE: This rule provides for the payment of stipends, if elected
by the commission, and the criteria used in determining the amount
of stipend. 
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7CSR 10-24.070PURPOSE: This rule provides for factors to be considered in risk
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.080PURPOSE: This rule describes the conflict of interest policy applicable
to design-build projects.
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7CSR 10-24.100PURPOSE: This rule provides the criteria used to determine whether
standard design-build or modified design-build procedures will be
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.110PURPOSE: This rule provides the elements included in phase one and
phase two solicitation procedures.
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.120PURPOSE: This rule provides for the use of past performance
information in evaluating contractor during either phase one or phase
two solicitations.
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.130PURPOSE: This rule describes the modified design-build selection
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.140PURPOSE: This rule describes when and how tradeoffs should be used
in awarding a design-build contract and documentation of the tradeoff
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.150PURPOSE: This rule provides for establishing a competitive range to
limit competition. 
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.200PURPOSE: This rule describes the selection of the proposal evaluation
factors and the limitations on the selection and the possible inclusion
of prequalification standards.
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7CSR 10-24.210PURPOSE: This rule describes the process used to rate and score
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.300PURPOSE: This rule describes the types of information exchange that
may take place either prior to or after the release of the Request for
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.310PURPOSE: This rule describes the “clarification” type of information
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.320PURPOSE: This rule describes the “communications” type of
information exchange.
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.330PURPOSE: This rule describes the “discussions” type of
information exchange.
Full Text Download
7CSR 10-24.413PURPOSE: This rule describes when limited negotiations are allowed.Full Text Download